only with a responsible life style
can this world for the next million years be a home
can humans ever live here

and how do we do that ?

only possible with reasonable humans
so we need a real constitutional order
so a real public truth !

so a party for the homo sapiens !
the people > one of them would offer accordingly

and where do we find voters for a party
where no world is squandered .... no 2nd venus ?
where people do not perish ?

we have to develop these !
have to have an international forum
where all these having a chance to develop ....

so ... they need the necessary frame
meaning right in here!

the secret

of this world ... consist of >

that all this billions  are a shame
there while highly regarded !

who can not even read and write
any constitution

do not bring about any meaningful dialogue
of course can not  guarantee real human rights

certainly no world to hold up for the coming
of those hundreds of millions of years

and why ?

of course... because all are choosing certified shames
which can compete every day with all those
other competitors

and every one still human
is just astonished and wondering >
how such a mass of shame is  possible ?

and the answer is quite a matter >
these are all switched on to the same insanity

the tyranny ...

of this competing masses of delusion
are these billions and no homo sapiens ...
not only having not achieved anything
all those centuries

but wasted this world already
and all those humans with it !

real homo sapiens >

are organizing themselves
for the purpose
of guaranteeing every one
a for humans worthy life style

star peace

a human

is being not free at all >
only the universe to watch over and every one of us
and experience his own paradise every day

galactic foundation

galactic central information